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Hi, Chris

I managed to make up one set of interconnects for my cd player. Everything went well, I found them really easy to make. I was a bit worried about the soldering of the bullet plugs after I read a few posts in the 'asylum' in which people had 'melted' their plugs during the soldering process. I had no such problem, I found them very easy to solder in fact, the solder platforms heated up very quickly and I was done in no time. The sound.....what can I say. You have done it again!!! I was using the belden 89259 and 1506 twisted pair design which I had thought was very good. Yours are better! Its like not having any interconnects there at all. Everything is superclear. The soundstage is wide. The highs are high, the lows are low. It is truly a great interconnect. And all these promising results after only a couple of hours of burn in. I hope to make a few more sets up this weekend. I will then give them some burn in time and let you know the final results.

Thanks again Chris, I love your new 'pulsar' wire.

Talk to you soon, Dave


HI Chris,

Hope those amps sound as good as they look! What a job (and expense) to re-tube. My Quickies take el34/6550/kt88, 66, 90, etc... I've only used el34's so far. Currently I'm running EH, as are your 88's. They're very nice. After I installed your wires I had to remove the recently installed EI Elite gold pin 12dw7 drivers, they are very 'solid statey', to harsh, but clear! I put back the reg. EI 12dw7 and all was well.

What do I listen to?.....here's a sample of the last couple days; Nora Jones, Bach Organ Works, Blind Boys of Alabama, Greg Brown, Cowboy Junkies, Victor Wooten (4 string elec. bass), Mary Jane Lamond (Celtic), Pet Metheney/ Charlie Haden, Herbie Hancock,  David Bowie, etc.... Suffice to say, most anything. I have a huge music collection.

This is a strange time for me to get this wire, as I'm moving in 10 days, and am pretty stressed out. But I do still get plenty of time to listen, since I work mostly at home.

So here's the scoop! To put it bluntly, and in current terms, This wire is "da shit! It's 'sick', it's 'killer', and it's even 'da bomb'! Yes Chris, you got it goin' on! Or as we'd say on the island, it's "way mo beddah" I've had the digital system completely wired with yours for about 3 days now. These replaced $700 worth of cable, and I say there's really no comparison. The XLO and Blue Heavens are off to market. I did put the B.H. back into it's previous position (pre to amps). It was not a good thing. Believe it or not it made that wire sound downright veiled! The recording venue 'ambience' went completely missing. It sounded flat and boring! And that is a cable famed for it's speed, delicacy, and clarity.  I tell you what, the VH stomps all over the Nordost. The 'ambience/detail retrieval' is fantastic! The big thing though is the emotion that it somehow allows through. I just want to listen. And I keep going into the other room to do just that! I call 'em Blue Heavens with heart! The BH's are flashy and showy, but lack substance.

In my system the VH seem to do it all right. I had good sound before, but it wasn't even close to conveying what is coming through now! Congrats Chris!

I must admit to another change that I made last night. I just couldn't stand looking at these WBT sockets sitting there any longer and put 2 pairs in my Foreplay pre. The output and one input. What a difference!  They really seen to complement your wire perfectly. The sound is very solid, big, and rich! Very detailed, and harmonically full,  strength and authority when needed, and great delicacy and finesse.  So do that socket change Chris, I think you'll be impressed. Right now I am extremely happy with things. A few months ago I told a friend that I think I've reached base camp on my climb up audio mt. If that was true, then I've now arrived at camp 1. A definite step higher into the ethers of audio-foolishness. And a definite step closer to the heart of the music, which is actually the mountain we're climbing. (well, I am anyway)....Aloha,   Robert


Chris: Right out of the box, this IC is great, it is so musical! In my "A" system it is replacing the van den Hul Integration Hybrid (retail $250.). What's different? The background is blacker, there is more detail and nuance but with a beautiful warmth. This is with the Musical Fidelty A300 amp (the older good one before they "improved" it) and the Cary 308 cdp, using the van den Hul Mainstream PC for the cdp and Blue Circle PCs for the rest. What I am hearing is the music without fatigue or digital nastiness. After just an hour they already sound even better. Thanks, John

When asked if I could use John's e-mail on my website, he responded:

Chris: Yes, by all means you may quote me. This may the best value I've ever bought in $13000. worth of audio gear. You'll hear from me soon as I make room for more of your products. Best regards , John


I received my Bel Canto DAC 2.0 a few weeks ago, so I decided it was time to build a digital IC using the Pulsar miniature coaxial cable that I got from Chris VH. With the Bel Canto DAC 2.0, it is fairly easy to compare digital ICs. In a nutshell, I am quite happy with the performance of the Pulsar as a digital IC. It is better than my other digital ICs (and therefore will find a home on the Bel Canto DAC): - Belden 1695A with external shield, terminated with Eichmann Gold Bullets - Belden 1695A with external shield, terminated with Rhodium plated RCAs - Black Mountain Cable, Mountain Digital Gold Rush. Regards, Steve H.


Hi Chris, Just put in the IC'S WOW,incrediable sound right out of the box. Detail,air,great bass and soundstage.You've set a new benchmark for great sounding cables at an affordable price. You put the big boys to shame! Thanks, Joe.


Good morning. I just wanted to drop a quick line or two. I'm a relative newby in this pursuit (3 years this month). I've read people referring to cables as actual components in their system. I learned the importance of cables early on, building a couple sets based on Jon Risch designs but I didn't really think of them as a "system component" until now. I am really having a blast with the Pulsars. I had a feeling they would best the other IC's I have but they really shattered my expectations. I didn't know cd could sound like this.


Jon B.


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